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Our goal is to create content you, your customers or fans want to see. We offer a wide variety of options to fit every client and budget. The content we put out will make you standout and  grow your customer or fanbase following.   We work with some of the greatest outdoor Companies and anglers in the industry today. We look forward to having the chance t0 work with you.


Followers are Great but what good does it do if you don't have the right content. We strive to grow you a true following, not here today gone tomorrow fans. Give us a call today to see what ShotTime can do for you  

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  • Sponsor or Customer Dealings 

  • Travel Accommodations 

  • Blog & Article Writing

  • On Location Work & Much More 



Founder & CEO

Ive grown up in the outdoors all of my life. Hunting,Fishing, Taking Pictures & much more. I spent a lot of my youth fishing with my dad, grandad & a great man i called granpoppy. The older I got the more my passion for fishing grew. I started fishing tournaments with friends and then some BFL's & Opens.


Through all of that i was able to meet a lot of great people and companies. Meeting so many great people opened a lot of doors  which introduced me to the world of marketing. I started working with Anglers & Outdoors creating ads,taking photos & videos. It was then I realized I found my true calling.